ClipTone Player 1.10

ClipTone Player for Nokia S60 3rd edition

Personalize your incoming calls with a video!

ClipTone Player enables your phone to ring with videos on incoming calls.

ClipTone Player makes it possible to select a video as a Ringing Tone in your profiles or attach it to a selected contact from your phonebook.

You can use videos taken with the built-in camera of your phone as well as all other videos that you have transferred to your phone. All videos that are recognized by the media player of your phone are also recognized by ClipTone Player.

You can use the free demonstration video that comes with the ClipTone Player installation package. Additionally, a pack of free video-clips is available for download from the “More content” menu of ClipTone Player.

How to use ClipTone Player:

Install the ClipTone file on your device and open it.

  • (To personalize a Profile) Go to Profiles->Ringing Tone. You will find all the video files available at your device listed in Ringing Tone. Choose the one you wish to personalize calls with.
  • (To personalize a Contact) Go to Contacts and open the preferred contact. From the Options menu select Ringing Tone. Choose the video you wish to use for calls from this contact

    Registration information
    Registration is required upon first use of the product. ClipTone will prompt you to activate and will connect to Internet to register.

    Supported Devices:
    Nokia 3250, 5500, 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6124, 6290, E50, E51, E60, E61(i), E62, E65, E66, E70, E71, E90, N71, N73, N77, N80, N81 (8GB), N82, N91, N92, N93(i), N95 (8GB)